Drive Chain

SFR Chain Group has been excelling at manufacturing and innovating motorcycle and industrial chain since 1991, always focusing on high quality and innovation to stay in the pole positions of the industry.Chinese companies have established strong positions in two types of innovation—developing new products and services that address consumer needs, and process SFR has been keeping striving to improve product ... SFR is becoming one of the largest motorcycle chain manufacturer in ... ...




Drive Chain

SFR offers a full range of roller chains of all dimensions (pursuant to the DIN, ISO, and ANSI standards) and versions (zinc / nickel plated, stainless steel, hollow pin, extended...). With state-of-the-art machinery, we use top-quality materials and the correct heat treatment to guarantee high resistance to wear and dynamic load. We welcome our customers' special requirements for design, dimensions, materials, lubrication, heat and surface treatment of the chains, sprockets and other transmission parts.