About us

SFR Chain Group has been excelling at manufacturing and innovating motorcycle and industrial chain since 1991, always focusing on high quality and innovation to stay in the pole positions of the industry.

With the recent acquisition of manufacturers Elephant Chain (EP) in 2016, and Hangzhou Transailing Industrial (TSI) in 2018, SFR Chain Group has consolidated itself as one of the top chain manufacturers in China, increasing its industry scope to industrial chain, and with a wide product line covering all chain sizes and applications.

Only in chain, SFR offers over 2000 series, and more than 5000 products, which are exported to over 80 countries all over the World, and are widely used in variety of fields, such as agricultural machines, motorcycles, metallurgy, wood processing, or food and beverage processing, among others.

SFR operates four fully owned factories and one joint venture, certified by ISO9001 and IATF 16949 Quality Management System. Our commitment to R&D led SFR to establish stable cooperation with several well-known universities and research institutes in China, as well as setting up an Intelligent Chain Drive Research Center within the group, altogether resulting in its more than 70 patents. This allows us to offer the widest range of power transmission and conveyor chain at the most competitive prices.

We at SFR Chain always adhere to the group's spirit of integrity, efficiency and innovation: "We strive to offer the best products and service to our customers".

History Timeline

1991. SFR founded in Hangzhou, Cangqian

1998. Built SUNFUN factory

2011. Built TVH factory in Huangshan

2012. Sino-Indonesian Joint venture SCH factory

2015. Established SFR Group

2016. Acquisition of Elephant Chain (EP, founded in 1989)

2017. Acquisition of SST Chain

2018. Acquisition of Hangzhou Transailing Industrial (TSI Chain)




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