Meet our brand new factory - SFR Huzhou, industrial chain, leaf chain, agricultural chain

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Meet our brand new factory: SFR Huzhou

October 20, 20212063

We have been bragging about our newest factory in Huzhou for some time already. Officially opened in May this year, we had all our machinery, raw materials, staff and so on moved from our old Elephant factory in Deqing, and the relocation was a success, though it added some additional stress to our already busy production queue.

Currently employing over 310 staff, we are still hiring local workers to reach 400 by the end of this year. The Huzhou plant is built over 113,000sqm in the first stage of the development, and we plan to reach a production capacity of 100Ton chain / day when we finish transferring all equipment from our second factory in Shaoxing, which currently focuses on large pitch conveyor chain and special orders.

As soon as travel restrictions are lifted, we will be delighted to welcome all customers and partners to visit us here, which is half way between Shanghai (2h by car) and Hangzhou (1h by car), making it very convenient for visiting.

Even the canteen food is a big improvement from the previous settings! But we will keep improving…